Fight like the little guy

Shannon Noll Aussie Idol runner-up in 200(3?). I was down there when hesang this on the show and saw it on TV. It’s not too often that modernartists send a tingle down my spine, but this did it. <A


I got to work five minutes early yesterday morning and found that I wasthe first person there. This would normally be no problem except thatI’m leery of disarming the alarm system since my instruction

Accountants and Guano. Is there a difference?

Last Friday was my first pay day.   On the first day of myjob I spent some time with the company accountant to ensure that thedirect deposit of my pay would work without a hitch.  Hell

Installations Crashing the 3rd Party

Once again I’m going to indulge in the systematic and destructive analysis of my new workplace and coworkers. The 3rd Party……I remember when this was an event that startedshortly after the bars closed

Relationship Hell

I’ve been working with the software and the data structure at my newjob for a week now and, although some things about the job are nice,today placed me right in the middle of a relationship quagmire.

Week 1 complete

I have successfully completed week one of my new job. The people at thecompany are very nice, leaving a welcome card and sweets on my desk thefirst morning and buying me lunch that same day. I’ve been

Work looms large

After five glorious months of reduced stress (and reduced pay cheques)I am officially back in the work force tomorrow.  I’m not overlyexcited about the company, or the work itself, but perhaps I’

Moving Day

Today is moving day.  What better day of the year to move than NewYears Eve with a temperature of -26 Celcius.  I have gathered somehelpers who are willing to brave the cold to put this even

Got a Job

It appears that the interview in Edmonton has gone well. They haveoffered me a job for the start of January. The timing is ratherunfortunate as they haven’t offered this to me with the time such thatI


Tomorrow I am going to the Edmonton area for an interview with a smallsoftware company in the agri-business industry.  This is very muchthe dream combination (IT+Agriculture) that I have been see