DevTeach Wrapup

Long after the end of DevTeach Vancouver 07 I am wrapping it up. Like Kyle, I have a sense of obligation to do this post. That’s not to say that DevTeach wasn’t fantastic, but I feel I must report on my observations of the nerd herd.

Observation #1: No matter how temperate Vancouver is, some yahoo from a tropical island will show up and complain that it’s freezing. We really should have played “Guess who’s jacket Kyle’s wearing” through the whole week.

Observation #2: Kyle looks remarkably like Schroeder from Charlie Brown’s Christmas, Scott dances like he was part of the original cast and our waitress was a spitting image of Peppermint Patty when she was on the dance floor.

Observation #3: The Mad Mexican loves Beth Massi….enough said.

Observation #4: After attending a few of these conferences, sessions will take a backseat to the information that you can gather while having conversations in the hallways, at lunch or out after the day is over.

Observation #5: Scotch should be drank by itself for the entire night. Adding tequila to the equation part way through does not lead to pretty results.

DevTeach Toronto is just around the corner. Speaker submissions are being accepted and registration will probably open in the next couple months. Some of the things that I’ve heard indicate that Toronto will be a great conference for content.