AOP Training

A couple of announcements to make here. First, I’ve hooked up with the fine folks at SharpCrafters to become one of their training partners for Aspect Oriented Programming with PostSharp. We&rsq


I’m sure if you subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog you’ve probably been flooded with old posts in the last couple of days. That’s because I’ve changed blog engines and migrated to a different host

Eagerness to fail

If your developers are eagerly taking blame for failures on your project they’re either: a) buying into the concept of collective code ownership and have a commitment to quality orb) are trying to

PostSharp Training

I’ve hooked up with the fine folks over at SharpCrafters to build some training materials for their AOP product PostSharp. Starting in January of 2012 we will be offering training on the use of PostSh

Professional Neglect and Clear Text Passwords

For that past few years I’ve been the recipient of a monthly reminder from Emug (Edmonton Microsoft User Group). The contents of that email is where the problems lay. Every month that email comes in a

UI Workflow is business logic

Over my years as a programmer I’ve focussed a lot of attention and energy on business logic. I’m sure you have too. Business logic is, after all, a huge part of what our clients/end users want to se

DateTime formatting for fr-CA

I just stumbled across a nice little hidden “feature” in the .NET framework. If you’re running on a machine that has the CurrentCulture set to fr-CA the default DateTimeFormatInfo.CurrentInfo.ShortDa

Microsoft.Data.dll and LightSwitch

Microsoft has made some announcements over the last week or so. The first was Microsoft.Data.dll. I think that Oren adequately wraps up the feelings that I have towards it. The second was the announ