Microservices; A Gentle Introduction

This past winter I started working on a project that was being architected with a mind towards using microservices. Prior to this I’d only seen the term ‘microservices’ floating around in the ether an

SaaS and Commodities

I’m doing some work right now that requires us to send SMS messages. The organization I’m working with has never had this capability before so we are starting at ground level when it comes to looking

Sharpening chisels

I’m working on a cedar garden gate for our back yard. It’s all mortise and tenon joinery which means I make a lot of use of my Narex bench and mortise chisels. The more you use chisels the

Choosing AOP technologies

I get asked how to pick an AOP technology on a pretty regular basis. The other day while I was answering the question I got to thinking that there is a pretty logical flow to selecting which technolog

Arduino and logging to the cloud

I participated in a lunch and learn today that demo’d the capabilities of logentries.com. It was impressive in the ease that you are able to parse, analyse and digest logging information. Once y

Summer is over

…and I can start looking at home automation again. So my first bit of research post warmth has been to look at setting up a browser based interface for opening, closing and displaying the current stat

PrairieDevCon 2014 content

We’re just wrapping up at the conference and it’s time to put up our materials. Thanks to everyone who attended my talks. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Domain Driven Design Prim

A solid foundation

As I started going though the ideas I had for automation and connectivity in the house one thing became very obvious: Everything required some sort of connectivity. It could be coax for cable/satellit

Home Automation

Recently we moved into a new house. One of the things that I have always wanted to do was wire up a house and automate as much of it as possible. So here’s my chance! This isn’t going to b

The myth of "Best Practices"

TL;DR – When you see a “Best Practices” article or conference session, read or attend with caution. Its likely not to help you with your current problems. Today I read a very informative blog post abo